Meeting Info

Location: Online Meeting
Day: Every 2nd Sunday
Time: 19:00 CET

To join an upcoming online meeting please access our Club Discord Server here.

We welcome visitors to stay in our public area.

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How to attend our meetings?

Please join our Discord server to attend our meetings. We have an active online community and we welcome visitors. Our Club Online Meetings take place every second Sunday, 19:00 CET. You will then be invited to attend at the appropriate time.

If you are new to our club, please introduce yourself in the public area of our online community.


How can I become a Club member?

Please contact one of our board members and share your CV with us privately on our Discord server or other channels. We will then approach you for the next steps.

All prospective members have to be recommended to join by at least one existing Club member. Prospective members will be invited to join once an unanimous vote is made in their favor by the Club.


What are my responsibilities as a member?

  • Members have to attend the Club meetings;
  • Members must follow the highest standards of ethics and behavior in line with our internal guidelines;
  • Members must maintain their Rotary Club Membership dues up to date;
  • Members are encouraged to mentor others and participate in our Club service projects.


Have another question?

Please contact us.