Today we introduce to you Dan Ungureanu

Q1: How did you become part of the Rotarian family?

A: I joined Rotaract in 2012 in my home town Baia Mare, Romania after returning home from my studies in the UK. My fellow Rotarian, Adrian Dan Pop, introduced me to the Rotaract community. Soon after our initial meeting, we discussed the idea of a Rotaract Model United Nations and not long after that the first edition was organized in Romania in 2013 by Rotaract Club Team Baia Mare. I was elected Club President in that year and also managed the first edition of Rotaract Global Model UN

Q2: Tell us about your first experience with Rotaract Global Model United Nations!

A: The first idea about Rotaract Global Model UN came in 2012 after I presented the Model UN concept at a training. I attended many Model UNs during my student years and having just joined Rotaract I saw great potential in organizing a Rotaract Model UN due to the network and ties Rotary has with the UN, especially since Rotary and the UN are sister organizations and many Rotarians helped create the UN in 1945. We discussed the idea within our club and then we went for it in 2013 and organized the first edition in Romania. I was appointed Project Manager as this was the project proposal I made when I joined the club. Since then editions were organized every year in many countries and continents which makes me very proud of what we achieved. This reflects on our initial vision for the project to travel the world and give opportunities to young people across the globe to make a difference. We also organized editions at the UN HQ in New York which makes this truly special.

Q3: What is your reason for volunteering?

A: There are many reasons to mention, but I believe the one that stands out the most for me is the tremendous personal and professional growth you achieve through volunteering.

Q4: What impact does Rotary or Rotaract have on you?

A: Rotaract and Rotary change lives, it expands your horizon and gives new opportunities for growth. This is my experience and I think it is shared by many others.

Q5: Tell us a quote that inspires you!

A: Be authentic!


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