Today we introduce to you Adrian Dan Pop, the Club Administration Director.


Q1: How did you become part of the Rotarian family?

A: I was invited to join Rotaract back in 2009 in Baia Mare City, Romania. I joined an initiative group asked to form a new Rotaract club in the city. It was the second club charted: Rotaract Club of Baia Mare TEAM.
It was a very nice entrance into the Rotary family as we had to work closely with fellow Rotarians from our sponsor club. We had so much to learn from them.

Q2: Tell us about your first experience with Rotaract Global Model United Nations!

A: As president of the Rotaract Club of Baia Mare TEAM, we were looking for new members. And that’s how we met Dan Ungureanu who introduced us into the Model United Nations world. He organized before such event, called NAPOMUN, in a major city in Romania, Cluj Napoca, not far away from Baia Mare.
Listening to the success story of Dan’s experience organizing a MUN conference without any global support and being very familiar with the long-lasting relationship of Rotary International with the United Nations, we came up with the idea of making from this two global organization a powerful platform for young professionals to speak up. We promised to make their voice heard and so the first Rotaract Global Model United Nations journey started. 2013 in Baia Mare, Romania.

Q3: What is your reason for volunteering?

A: I was always trained for business. I liked that idea so I studied economics all way from high school to master studies. But I felt that just economics and business is not enough and it’s too selfish.
From the business position, I was helping different NGO’s around the city with sponsoring products for their charity work and when the Rotaract invitation to play a major role I did not refuse.
The first project implemented as Project Manager in the Maramures area was Let’s do it, Romania! in 2010, a global environmental movement for a clean nature. We had a lot of success and all the rules and strategies from business school did not make sense anymore. Thousands of people willing to work for free for no personal benefit other then a clean environment was a shock. No one teaches you that is possible.
More projects were conducted since then and I love to work my time for the community, volunteering.

Q4: What impact does Rotary or Rotaract have on you?

A: Rotary is the party of my life. I served the Rotaract club as president and other roles and also helped our district in different years with roles on IT and organizational development. The step forward to Rotary was very important to me. All the wonderful Rotarians, people that we were working with from Rotaract, now became my colleagues and I was very fast integrated.
The connection with Rotaract goes on through Rotaract MUN that goes around the world and brought us together under the umbrella of a new Rotary Club, where I am glad and proud to be Charter President: Rotary e-Club of Global Peace and Leadership.
Meeting online is something I’ve always done but I love to attend as a guest my first Rotary club, in Baia Mare, Rotary Baia Mare 2005.


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